Apple iPad Mini (2021): Types, Price, Release Date

Apple’s smallest tablet received the greatest revivals in almost a decade. The new iPad Mini, unveiled at a corporate event Tuesday, looks a bit unfamiliar compared to its own 2019 follower. We have slimmer bezels, Touch ID, 5G connectivity, and USB-C port.

Starting at $ 499 per starting type, sixth generation iPad Mini it will come with a range of vibrant colors including paint, pink, and what Apple calls “stars,” which is a kind of champagne. If you like more, you can opt for the Space Gray type. Available in original order and fully available from September 24th.

But the big change is that it looks like a much bigger iPhone. The home button is gone, and TouchID pushes the power button up, and the screen takes up almost the entire surface of the device.

Mini makeover

Full iPad line, with Mini on the right. Next to it, second from the right, is a new iPad for making startups.

Photo: Apple

If you were to lay out the previous iPad Mini, you might find that, with the exception of camera modifications, this type of device hasn’t been around for years.

Enter the 2021 iPad Mini, which looks completely customized. Ahead, the Liquid Retina display (with 500 light) has been expanded from 7.9 inches (as seen in the 2019 model) to 8.3 inches. Instead of fighting around the floor, there is a curtain that extends all the way from the edge to the end – even the floor, since the home button was gone.

Apple has also replaced the cameras with a 12-megapixel rear camera, full-size opener (for vertical images) and better brightness for the best little photos. In front of it is a 12-megapixel Ultra-wide camera, and Apple has added a Center Stage component that is only for Pro Pro. This keeps you framed as you navigate through the videos.

And yes, the Lightning connector prefers a USB-C port. The new mini also comes with Apple’s second-generation pencil support. Instead of being placed in a Lightning port (such as a Mini Mini and Apple first-generation pencil) it attaches itself to the Mini and attaches itself firmly to the side, where it blows steadily.

As for the extras, Apple also released charges for the Smart Folio Mini. For sale separately, you will have a choice between white, black, English lavender, electric orange, and dark cherry.

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