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Your team completed something challenging. They released it. Congratulations to the team and the team.

Suppose your name is Jim.

Now you’re at a senior meeting, where your boss says, “Thank you, Jim, for your hard work.”

You are happy because of your understanding.

And yes, you helped the team. You contributed to some of their choices. Or you may have created an environment in which the team could be more effective.

You may have had the courage to make decisions for the party – even if you were nervous about it.

No matter what your responsibilities, the team has provided. Now, superintendents agree you.

What do you do?

Tell the supervisors that the team has done well. You say, “Thank you. The group did this. He made these difficult decisions, such as The team works well together. If you want, I can tell you more about how everyone contributed to the whole project. ”

Acknowledge what the group has achieved. Especially up the controls.

When You Give History, You Enhance Your History

When you show honor to others, you are like a star. You build up your reputation by being respectful. Yes, their success is reminiscent of you. In most cases, it is because you have created a site that can be successful.

He did well, not because everyone else was 10x Developer or Administrator. Instead, they did well because someone – or, perhaps – most of the group took the opportunity to agree.

These experiments and their cooperation helped them to succeed. And if you are a manager, you have created a place where the team can do well.

This is why he did so well. This is how you can describe their success.

When you give a public vote, the group can repeat how they worked. They choose to strengthen their bond and solidarity. And the team will be very loyal to you. Not out of fear, but out of reverence.

All because you told other people that they did a great thing.

What if one person did something special? Respect that person.

Give History to a Person

Many years ago, with the knowledge and approval of my boss, I began to work hard. I had to work my career and do the job again.

I succeeded, mainly because others recognized my purpose. (It was a big goal, not a personal goal.)

When the senior management told my boss about the big job my boss was doing, he explained my job. This means that if he wants a program manager, I have the responsibility.

All because he gave his review of my work to his bosses.

Definitely a win-win.

Give History

Provide credit as often as possible.

Make it a habit to tell other senior leaders about the benefits to the people you lead and support. Senior leaders and the people you lead and serve all thank you.

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This is part of our list leadership instructions.

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