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Inserting trash cans into your operating system is available other benefits. In a nutshell, garbage collection logs will allow you to use your Trash break time, adjust operating time, predict less, reduce computer costs. Although waste collection trees have these advantages, we did not know what waste cutting increases. So we started doing the research below.


In our study we chose to use an open source spring medical work. Pet Clinic is a baby registration program designed to show off a spring-loaded form.

We ran the program in OpenJDK 11. We installed the app on Amazon AWS t2.medium EC2 example with 16GB RAM and 2 CPUs. The test was designed using the Apache JMeter pressure test tool. We used AWS Cloudwatch to measure CPU usage, Memory. In summary Here are the tools / technologies, we used to do this research:

  • OpenJDK 11
  • Function of AWS EC2
  • AWS Cloudwatch
  • Apache JMeter


In this position, we did two tests:

  1. Starting Test – In this case we managed the operation of a veterinary hospital without permitting litter logs (GC) using a JMeter tool for 20 minutes and 200 users at a time
  2. GC Input Examination – In this way we managed the operation of the veterinary hospital and approved the cost of transport (GC) using the JMeter script equivalent for 20 minutes and 200 users at a time.

Note: If you do not know how to open the GC block, check this: ‘How to support GC prices?

Test Results

We used the CPU and memory memory from AWS Cloudwatch as well as the response time and transition from the JMeter tool. The information taken from both cases is summarized below.

Data Collected Beginners try it It has helped GC try it
Using the CPU 8.35% 10.10%
Using Memory Memory 20.80% 20.50%
Response Time 3901 ms 3881 ms
Avg Continuation 24.4 / part 24.5 / part

As you can see there is no obvious difference in the design of the CPU and Memory. Similarly there is no significant difference in median response and continuity of events.


Therefore, based on our research, we can say that no subject can be identified by entering the waste collection file. Since the benefits we find in inserting a garbage can, you can imagine the reasonable GC prices for your products.

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